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• WS-01 is a water flow detector to protect the pump from workiing without water
• Can adjust the length of the rotor. To fit the water pipe size.
• IP64 protection level
• Start Delay Timer to help the pump run at startup and OFF Delay.
• Timer to prevent WS-01 from OFF if the water is not full or the water is out of range

When supplying power to the WS-01: Flow Switch, the Relay Output is ON by the time of the Start Delay Time (T 1) (by adjusting the Pot. In WS-01). Set the pump to run before the water flows in the pipe. Once completed, WS-01 will begin to check the flow of water in the pipeline. If the water in the pipe stops flowing over the time of OFF Delay Time (T2) (by adjusting the Pot inside the WS-01 as well), it will command the Relay Output to OFF to prevent water pump damage. It is easy to use and save two Timers. Unlike the typical Flow Switch


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