RM-012-IP - Gunadaya Solutech



• Conveter device from TCP/IP to RS485/RS232
• Can set the device through the general browser page without installing the program
• There Is a Led Showing Status the working status
– Power : LED ON when supplying power supply voltage 9 VDC
– Tx : LED ON when sending signals
– Rz : LED ON when receiving signals
• There is a 9 VDC Adapter to supply power voltage to RM-012-IP-10/100
• Able to communicate with protocols: Tcp socket modbus Tcp
• Communication rate : 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 and 57600 bps.

RM-012-IP-10/100 equipment for connecting to various industrial devices that support RS-485 or RS-232, such as PLC, CNC, Weighing Scale, Scanner, etc., allowing direct communication on TCP/IP newtworks.
Device settings RM-012-IP-10/100 Can be set up via a web browser page such as Internet Explorer without the need to install the program
RM-012-IP-10/100 Series is divided into 4 models, namely
– RM-012-10/100-232
– RM-012-10/100-485
– RM-012-10/100-232-485
– RM-012-10/100-485-485


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