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PSTA-01-Series : 3-Phase SCR Power Regulator

• 3 phase resistive load control device such as Heater for phase Angle Control
• 4-20 mA Input, 1-5VDC, 2-10 VDC, Potentionmeter 250K ohm and RS-485 MODBUS RTU Protocol
• Size 50,80,100, 125 A
• LED status indication and error
• SCR protection in case of over 85 C with Semi-Conductor Fuse
• Heat Slink
• Bargraph shows the percentage of output

PSTA-01-Series is the 3 Phase Resistive Load Controller, such as Heater, provides Phase Angle Control with 4-20 mA Analog Inputs 1-5 VDC, 2 -10 VDC, Potentionmeter 250 Kohm, and RS-485 Controller to control the angle. The change in input signal results in more load
control than ON/OFF so the current does not surge. 50-125 A. If there is a load error, Have a Semi-Conductor Fuse for protection



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