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PS-N-Series : Single Phase Solid State Relay

• Single phase circuit breaker, 12-400VAC
• Can be used with load types.
– ZERO CROSS (Resistive Load): Heater, Light bulb
– RANDOM (Inductive Load): Motor
• Input voltage: 4-30VDC and 90-240VAC
• Current: 25A, 40A, 50A, 75A
• Suitable for ON/OFF jobs often.
– There is no contact, so do There is no spark in the contactor.
– long service life

PS-Series (Single Phase Solid State Relay): A single phase solid state relay. When input signal comes along in the range of voltage then output will be activated
The interior is composed of Semiconductor No contact with the Arc is suitable for work with ON/OFF often. Available in both Resistive Load, such as Heater, Light bulb and InductiveLoad, such as Motor, etc. Can be used to replace the Magnetic
Contactor, which provides long service life
Due to frequent ON/OFF contact and high current Therefore, the installation of Solid State Relay must be installed with Heat Sink for cooling




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