KM-23 - Gunadaya Solutech

• Three phase voltage measurement system for up to maximum 500 VAC
• Current measurement range 0.02-5 A, showing maximum current value 9999 A by passing C.T. Ratio Range 1-2000 (10000 / 5A)
• kW, kWh, hour counter, counter display with relay output
• Under and Over Voltage, Phase Sequence, Phase Lose, Asymmetry Protection Relay
•Under and Over Current Protection Relay
• Peak Hold for Maximum of voltage, current and kW
• Fault Display with Memory
• RS-485 Modbus RTU
• LED displays the measured values for each phase, Output and Peak
• Manual/ Auto Display Current and voltage values in each phase
• Total P.F. (Power Factor) display in the system

KM-23 is a measurement and display device for both voltage and current values in 3 phases. It also displays the values of kW, kWh, Hour and Counter. Hour values are the measurement of the working hours of the electrical system or machines to schedule maintenance. Counter is the number of products produced. To compare with the electrical energy (kWh) used to measure energy efficiency In addition, the peak value of voltage (VJ, current (A), and power (kW), can be remembered that can happen To analyze the feasibility of the electrical system
Voltage Protection Relay can set the voltage to fall or exceed between 50 to 500 VAC by setting the delay before starting from 1-3600 seconds (ON Delaynme), but if the phase sequence is incorrect, the Relay will not work and do not delay. When starting to work, it will capture the possibility of voltage if the voltage is lower or higher than the set value. Or the unbalance phase exceeds the set value or the missing phase. Relay will order OFF within 0-3600 seconds, which can be set to cut fast or slow as needed and display the reason Display. When the voltage level returns to the set voltage range, the Relay will return ON again within the set time (ON Delay Time).


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