KM-24-L - Gunadaya Solutech

. KM-24-L is the power meter 1 phase wireless LoRaWAN. It can transmit
data to 500 m. for indoor area and 1000 m. for outdoor area.
. Able to install wireless meter over 1000 device per 1 Gateway system.
. Able to measure voltage (V), current (A), Power (kWh) and display water
usage results in cubic meter (m3) from Pulse of Water Meter.
Input for receiving Pulse from Water Meter to send the water usage data
in cubic meter (m3).
Measured electrical value with True RMS high precision.
. Voltage range 110-240 VAC.
. Current range 0.02 – 45 A.
. Display 7-Segment LED.
Wireless communication by LoRaWAN.


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