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VPM-D : Phase Protection Relay Over-Under voltage, Phase Loss, Unbalance Phase, Phase sequence


• VPM-Series is Digital Voltage Protection Relay for protect
Over-Under Voltage, Phase loss, Phase Unbalance and Phase
• 7-segment Display 4 Digit Size 0.39 inches.
• 1 Relay Output 10A 250VAC
• 3 Wires and 4 Wires
• Have Memory for record the lasted cause of the disconnect
with system (OFF)and can look up later.
• DIN RAIL Installation
• DC Voltage Meter
• LED for display relay output status
• There are Auxiliary Supply and Non – Auxiliary Supply

VPM-D Series is Digital Voltage Protection Relay. It
display the result and measure the voltage in Digital which
show the result clearly and precise
VPM-D Series will turn on and set a delay time
before start since 1-3600 sec. but if the user set phase
sequence incorrect. Relay will not operate and delay.
when start the operation to detect abnormality of voltage.
If the voltage or unbalance phase % higher than set point or
phase loss. Relay will cut OFF in 0-3600 sec.(Trip Delay Time)
we can set the voltage into setting range. Relay will turn ON
again in 1-3600 sec.(Output ON delay time) follow order.
After VPM-D Series cut off the circuit or Relay OFF.
We can look up the cause of Relay OFF by a display that will
show it happens because of Over-Under Voltage, Unbalance,
Phase Loss or Phase Sequence.
There 2 type for choose between the user will need
Auxiliary Supply. It made the product have more range and
Non-Auxiliary Supply which use measuring voltage supply
itself and it made this type has smaller than Auxiliary Supply
% Unbalance or % voltage from each phase has
different. The device able to set 0-30%
Model VPM-01-D, VPM-03-D, VPM-01-D-380,
VPM-03-D-380 can use with 3 phase 3 wires or 4 wires.



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