TL80: Signal Tower Light Dimension 80 mm. - Gunadaya Solutech


TL80: Signal Tower Light Dimension 80 mm.


• Display status of the machine equipment
• Size 80 mm., Available in both AC and DC
• Can display status up to 5 layers, 5 colors
• Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White
• Display with LED, prolonging the service life
• There are both continuous and flashing patterns in the same body.
• Buzzer alert at loudness 90 dB Max (at 1 M.)
• Push/ Pull Connection can be used for both NPN / PNP, Open Collector
• RS-485 MODBUS RTU Protocol Communication
(TL80-20M, TL80-2BM, TL80-30M and TL80-3BM models only)
• Anti-rust protection material IP 54
• Can be seen clearly 360 degree
• Can be easily assembled



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