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TL40: Signal Tower Light Dimension 40 mm.

• Machine operating status display device
• Compact size 40 mm, available in both AC and DC
• Can display up to 5 layers. 5 colors Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White.
• LED display for long life.
• There are both continuous and flashing in the same.
• Buzzer alert at 90 dB max (at 1 M)
• Push / Pull Connection is available for both NPN / PNP, Open Collector
• RS485 MODBUS RTU PROTOCOL Communication (TL-20M and TL-2BM only)
• Anti-rust material protection IP54
• Can be 360 degree visibility
• Can be easy to separate assembly

When installing and connecting the circuit as shown in the figure, and when the switch is ON, according to the color position of the TL40, the lamp of the position lights up according to the desired function to remind the operator of the status of the machine such as
Green means machine is working.
Yellow means machine operator notice
Red means the machine stops working or else
There is also a buzzer that alerts the operator if the operator is far from the machine at 90 dB max (at 1 M) or sending a computer alert via RS-485



Circuit Diagram

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