PT-03N - Gunadaya Solutech


  • PT-03N is Digital Timer.
  • Display Number by 7-Segment.
  • Able to set the time inmSec, Sec, Min and Hour.
  • Able to choose the timer function by 8 Function.
  • 2 Output Relay 5A/250VAC able to switch the operation between Output 1 and Output 2.
  • LED show the output relay working status.
  • Able to choose Input signal in Hold or Toggle form.
  • Communicate with computer via port RS-485 MODBUS RTU Protocol


Digital timer can set the timer by 8 Function( see Function Graph).
Digital timer can set timer in mSec, Sec, Min and Hour from Keypad. And PT-03N
has switch to control Time Start (connect terminal 12 and 14) and the user can
set time value by press reset button in the front or connect with external control
switch (by connect to terminal 12 and 13)


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