PR-01N - Gunadaya Solutech



It is a device to convert the axis of the shaft of the Encoder into an electrical pulse.
• divided by number of pulse
• Number of Pulse/ Cycle can be selected from 25 – 2048 Pulse
• Push-Pull output can be used for both NPN, PNP Open Collector and Line – Driver.
• Push-Pull output signal (A, B, Z) and Line-Driver (A, A, B, B, Z, Z )
• Power supply 8 – 30 VDC (Push-Pull) and 5 VDC (Line-Driver)

Connect the shaft of the Encoder PR-01 N to the motor shaft or the work to be measured. When the PR-01 N shaft rotates according to the motor, it sends a pulse signal according to the pulse per round of the model PR-01 N-S-100 will be divided into 100 parts per 1 round. As the shaft moves, it sends the pulse out of the rotating parts. Signal A and Signal B Lead/ Lag angle 90 degrees by the electric clockwise rotation A will lead B, but if turn counterclockwise B will be ahead of A, which will be useful to check the direction. The Signal Z will have 1 Pulse to inform you of the anniversary
If the line-driver output signal is 6 Signal is (A, A, B, B, Z, Z ) by A will invert with A, Bwill invert with B and Zwill invert with Z displayed by Signal Graph


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