PMV-N Series : CABINET FILTER FAN - Gunadaya Solutech



• Cooling fan for electric cabinet with filter to filter dust into electrical cabinet, control cabinet.
• Wind power at 31-927 m3/h with several sizes
• Time saving with Clips Lock and maintenance with design flap – Open Fan for Pulling Mask Easy to replace dust filter.
• The shape is designed to be beautiful and thin, the installation is smooth to the surface of the cabinet.
• Both air in lot and wind out 2 type of filter fans : blow in, blow out
• IP 55 standard

Cabinet Filter Fan is a cooling fan for electric cabinets, cabinets, refrigerators. Both models are air lnlot and wind out by being designed to be beautifully shaped and thin. The installation is smooth with the surface of the cabinet (Example A)
And in the installation. Easy to install, fast and strong with Clips – Lock with proper design. Use flexible plastic material. Do not use the same with the case of the fan, which is hard not suitable for adhesion. Fan does not vibrate at work (Example B)
To change the dust filter. It’s easy. With the design of Flap – Open by simply pulling out the mask to replace the dust filter.And push the mask back original (Example c)
Fittings spring Terminals make the cable wiring easy and fast – (Example D)Typically, the heat transfer characteristics. Hot air will float from bottom to top. Fan Cabinet Filter Fan should be installed at the top of the cabinet. There is a mask with a dust filter attached to the bottom to allow air from the outside into the cabinet (Example E)



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