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• Control devices for detecting water level or other liquids in the 1 level and 2 levels by principle of conductivity
• Have button to adjust the sensitivity of the work. Suitable for detection fluids
• Can be select charging or discharging operation function
• LED display for power supply and show the relay function
• Compatible with Electrode Holder For Conductivity Level Control (Electrode rod )
• Socket Installation (PM-021 N) and DIN RAIL (PM-021 N-1)

PM-021N / PM-021N-1 will control the detection of water or other liquids. By connecting to the Electrode Holder For                 Conductivity Level Control (Electrode rod) Charging operation When the water level is low (Min), the relay will operate. To order water pump pumping water into the water tank Until the water level reaches the maximum level (Max), the relay will stop. And when the water drops to the minimum level (Min), the relay will run again.
If the function is Discharging When the water level is full (Max), the relay will work to order the pump to pump out water from the water tank .Until the water level drops to (Min), the relay stops working
Application to control the opening and closing valve of the in-out water supply system. Using water as a conductor in the travel of electricity in the circuit. The Electrode bar consists of three bars: Common, Min, Max . By Min and Max will act as contact page to cut off the circuit to prevent damage to the pump or burn because of the empty pump.


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