PM-011 : 1 Phase Over & Under Voltage Relay - Gunadaya Solutech

• Overvoltage Relay for 1-phase power supply 110, 220, 240VAC ± 10% 50/60Hz
• Check the overvoltage between 105-120% volt and the voltage drop between 80-95% volts.
• There are two buttons for adjusting the voltage drop and overload.
• LED indication when the voltage drop (LL) and LED are displayed when the overvoltage (UL)
• Suitable for motor protection, compressor or other equipment. Damage due to power failure due to over voltage.

The PM-011 relay will measure the input voltage if the voltage between the upper limit and the upper limit, the relay contact is ON. However, if the voltage exceeds the upper limit or lower than the lower limit, the relay will be OFF and ON again when the voltage is lower than the upper limit of 2 V and higher than the lower limit. 2V.



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