KM-09-V - Gunadaya Solutech

• KM-09-V is a meter that measures Volt for single phase.
• Voltage range 20-500 VAC
• Potential Transformer Ratio (PT) 0.1- 400.0 can be set.
• Display as 7-Segment, 0.56 inch, 4 digits, 1 row
• High accuracy TRUE RMS measurement.
• LED status indicator and power unit.
• Data can be recorded to computer via RS-485 MODBUS RTU PROTOCOL.
• Peak Hold to see the maximum Volt value in the system.

The display will have 2 pages, i ndicating the current measured voltage and the Peak Volt Avg value. The Peak Volt calculates the average of 15 minutes by pressing the up arrow. show current voltage value When you press the down arrow, the Peak Volt is displayed. VoltThe Peak LED will blink while displaying
KM-09-V with optional RS-485 and Alarm Fault .The alarm can be set to 4 conditions, depending on the conditions of the order


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