KM-07 - Gunadaya Solutech

• KM-07 is a power meter. Can measure V(Line), V (Phase), A(Phase) kW, kVA, kVar, kWh, kVAh, kVarh, PF, Hz, kW Demand, Peak Demand, THO (Harmonic) for 1 Phase/ 3 Phase
• LCD display
• Potential Transformer Ratio (PT) and Current Transformer Ratio (CT) can be set.
• Pulse output, Analog 4-20 mA
• Can communicate via RS-485 port, MODBUS RTU PROTOCOL

KM – 07 is a meter that can measure Volt, Amp, Watt, var, VA, kWh, kvarh and kVAh. It can measure the phase angle between current and voltage and THO% of Volt and Amp.RS – 485 communication with MODBUS RTU PROTOCOL.
Measures kWh, kvarh and kVAh 13 digits ( 9,999,999,999,999)


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