HMI Easy Harmony ET6 - Gunadaya Solutech


HMI Easy Harmony ET6

Easy Harmony ET6 essential touch screen panels are entry-level products that are
tailored to meet the specific requirements of new economies. These panels are
designed to communicate with simple machine systems for human machine

  • Better visualization
    Improved graphical presentation of the machine information with:
    Better quality of graphic display with high resolution (over 30% higher than
    legacy) (1) More colorful with 16 million colors
  • Better performance
    Improved user operation experience with:
    Faster micro processor unit for operational performance of screen changes,
    parts animations, and scripts, etc.
    More memory to design higher level applications with HD graphics, charts,
    recipes, and operation logs (alarm/event/data), etc.
  • Easy to use
    Product information via QR code scanning
    Easily mounted with anti-drop hooks
    Easy migration of legacy panels with compatible installation cut-out,
    communication ports, and configuration software
    Easy to set up and use with simplified and intuitive programming software (Vijeo
    Designer Basic) and an illustrated Online help for self-guided training
  • Robustness
    Designed with isolated power supply and enhanced protection on serial
    communication port for better EMC performance in harsh industrial environments.
    Designed with protection for reverse power connection against negligent
    PCBA default coating to be sustainable in harsh environment with high humidity
    USB clamps for stable USB cable connection
  • This range of panels is available with two different models of communication ports:

    – ETH Model with Ethernet Port (7”, 10”, 12”, 15”)

    – SIO Model without Ethernet port (7” and 10”)