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EM-07N: PT100,Signal Transmitter (Fixed Input)


  • Covert electrical signal to be standard analog signal.
  • Receive input type DC/AC Current, DC/AC Voltage, Resistance and Multi Input for Thermocouple, PT100 (RTD).
  • Can program choose Range in one device.
  • Stand Analog Signal Output
  • Input, Output isolate from each other(Isolation).
  • Output has maximum 2 output.
  • DIN RAIL Mounting installation.
  • LED shows status power supply.


EM-N/EM-L/EM-LC Series convert input signal to be standard analog signal
4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC and can communication RS-485 Modbus Protocol. Input and
Output Signal Graph. Analog Output can program to operate in Direct is Input vary direct to output
Output separate ground from each other. User can use output signal to measure
instrument. User can choose range in each input and output to operate Direct or
Inverse in one device via program EM-SERIES Config Software.



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