DEF-02N: Mini Process Controller - Gunadaya Solutech


DEF-02N: Mini Process Controller


  • PM-021 N-3 is a Twin Pump Relay for controlling two pumps in Single phase and three phase.
  • Choice of Water Supply and Drainage (Charging and Discharging)
  • Water Well and Water Tank can be checked for use.
  • Level Sensor Electrode, Float Switch, Pressure Switch
  • Latching Function with Memory to switch between two pumps when Electrical drop
  • DIP Switch can be disconnected from the system. In case that one of the pumps is broken.
  • Booster Function for two pumps running simultaneously. In the case of very low water levels.
  • Alarm output when overflow or abnormal voltage.
  • Status LEDs for Output, Level and Alarm
  • Water Well and Water Tank Level Sensor Fault Indicators
  • Over and Under Voltage Protection. The output relay will stop if the voltage exceeds the set value
  • 1 Phase System, Over and Under Voltage Range 80 – 120 % of Nominal Voltage
  • 3 Phase System, Over and Under Voltage, Phase Sequence, Phase Loss Range 80 – 120 % Nominal Voltage



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