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CMA-002: Thermostat, Digital Thermostat



•CMA-002 is digital temperature control device inside electrical cabinet.
•7-segment display 3 digits 1 row.
•ON/OFF fans for exchange the heat inside electrical or control cabinet.
In case the measured temperature more than set point. CMA-002 will
command the fan turn on to exchange heat, save energy and expand
service life.
•Temperature Probe inside.
•1 Relay Output in case that Relay Output operate but can not reach the required
temperature. There are Alarm Output will be notification.
•1 Relay Output and 1 Alarm Relay Output.
•Able to set ON and OFF point of Relay freely.
•Delay Time delays before Relay Output operate 0-999 Sec.
•ON/OFF function choose controlling both Heat/Cool.


CMA – 002 is an ON/ OFF temperature control device. You
can select to control 2 types: Heat or Cool. The CMA-002 has a built
– in temperature sensor so you don’t have to connect the sensor from
outside. There is a Relay Output for 1 alarm. Display with 7 segment red,
3 digits, with LED showing the status of the machine.



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