CM-005N - Gunadaya Solutech

It is a device for checking the broken heater.
• Easy to check the current at 50 A up to 4 heaters.
• Easy installation by connecting hundreds of wires through the CT to the Heater (SO A CT included).
• Alarm Output Relay alert when the Heater is absent or the Heater is running (current flowing) all the time due to Solid State Relay Shot Circuit or Magnetic Arc Contact. While the Temp Output Controller is not running
• Each LEDS Show the status of the each heater (hangs, normal status, flashing, Heater Break or abnormal
• 2 inputs (each inputs have 2 heater), 10-30 VDC, 220 VAC, 4-20 mA, and 0-10 VDC.
• RS-485 communication interface MODBUS RTU PROTOCOL

CM-005N Check the heater for up to 4 units at a time. It is suitable for Temperature Controller to control many heater and check the heater is missing. CM-005N has input 2 Inputs. Each input can be
connected to 2 heater. Input Isolate
The input of the CM-005N is connected to the output of the temperature controller, working reliably when the output of the temperature controller is activated . CM-005N will check current in each heater If the heater does not show current that the Heater is missing. Make LED (Fault) The heaterwill work (flashing) and the LED (Normal) is off or in case of Heater Work (current flow) all the time Because Solid State Relay Short Circuit or contact of magnetic arc The output of the temperature controller is not working, the LED (Fault) on the heater is stuck and the LED (Normal )is off. Alarm output works to alert theoperator. LED and Alarm Output will stop. When reset, it will stop,but if the Heater has a normal LED Will hang until the output of the Temperature Controller is stopped
The CM-005N can communicate with the computer via theRS-485 MODBUS RTU PROTOCOL port to display individual Heatercurrents or to store Data Logger data
CM-005N can be combined with CM-005D to display the current value of each heater. Heater status indicator with LED and Alarm Output panel, front panel, cabinet, electric cabinet, etc


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