CM-005D - Gunadaya Solutech

• CM-005D is a display of current and status of the heater connected to the CM-00SN
• Can be connected to up to 2 CM-00SN via Monitor Panel to display Heater currents and statuses up to 8
• Each LED indicates the status of the Heater and the status of the Alarm has an Auto/ Manual System to view the status of each Heater
• Display the heater’s current value with a 7-segment red 3-digit size of 0.56 inches and display the heater position with a 7-segment red one digit size 0.39 inches.
• 1 decimal place display

To the monitor panel of the CM-005D, and if the Heater is absent or the Heater is running (current flowing) all the time. From the Solid State Relay, a short circuit or contact page of the Magnetic Arc is attached. Controller does not work. The LED of the Heater position of CM-005D will be flashing. Alarm and Display will display Hb ( Heater Break )or HS ( Heater Short Circuit ) at 7-Segment.And the alarm stops by pressing the reset button (C) on the screen of the CM-005D
CM-005D can display the heater current of each of the first 7-segment. It shows the location of the Heater (H1-H8) and the next main is the Heater current. Each of them. And the display can be selected either Manual (press the Heater (H1-H8) to see the current Heater) and Auto (the current loop Heater display of the same)


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