CM-003N/DCM-003N - Gunadaya Solutech


 Multifunction Meter  Measures and displays AC voltage (AC) True RMS at a frequency of 50-60 Hz and DC voltage (DC)
• Measuring range 5 – 500 VAC, 0 – 500 VDC
• Display with 4-digit 7-Segment, size 0.56 inch (for CM-003N) and size 0.39 inch (for DCM-003N) •
1 Alarm Relay Output with 4 Alarm Function in setting
  – Absolute Value High Low Band Alarm
  – Absolute Value High Alarm
  – Absolute Value Low Alarm
  – Absolute Value High Low Range Alarm
• PT Ratio can be set from 1-400, display value up to 9999 and LED display in kV
• Available in 2 sizes CM-003N (48 x 96 mm.) and DCM-003N (35.25 x 79.6 mm.)

Operation Multifunction Meter
     CM-003N/DCM-003N Multifunction Meter  is a device to measure and display AC voltage (AC) in True RMS format with a measuring range of 5-500 VAC and can set the PT Ratio from 1-400 parts. Direct current voltage (DC) model has a measurement range of 0-500 VDC with direct connection, has 1 Alarm Relay, and has 4 functions to set for cutting the load as needed.


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