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500 Series Robust Encoder


Versatile and modular encoders

Versatile and modular – these are the encoders in the 500 series. These encoders conform to European industrial standards and are available in a hollow shaft or shaft design, which ensures simple installation. If you are looking for a standard encoder with unrivalled performance, then the 500 series is the right choice for you.

The encoders in this series are used in various types of industrial applications, such as electric motors, cranes, elevators and general automation.

If the series’ standard selection does not fit the requirements for your application, then Leine Linde will be happy to develop a customised solution. Always cost-effective and with short lead times.

Diameter 58 mm
Vibration 300 m/s2
Shock 2000 m/s2
Shaft load radial 60 N
Shaft load axial 50 N
Encapsulation level IP66
Temperature Variants up to -40 .. +100 ºC

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